Our vast experience in international trade and investment law and policy work over the years gives us a cutting edge in the work we do for our clients in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. 


1. Consultancy services to carry out a study to Analyse the Nature of Exports and Exports Destinations of Women Exporters in Uganda.· 

2. Consultancy services to Develop a Framework to Guide Uganda’s Engagement with Third Parties in Investment Negotiations.· 

3. Development of a Trade in Services Policy and Master Plan for Uganda.· 

4. Comprehensive Analysis of the Impact of the CET on Women in Trade in Uganda.· 

5. Designing the Scope for the TMEA Strategy for the Implementation of the Common Market Protocol for 2017 – 2024.· 

6. UNCTAD Services Policy Review (SPR) for the Distribution, ICT and IT Enabled Services and for Services Auxiliary to all Modes of Transport.· 

7. Development of a Strategic Plan for Enhancing National Participation in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Sector.· 

8. Identification of the Gaps in the Legal Framework for the Enforcement of Standards and Quality Assurance Measures of Uganda.· 

9. Diagnostic Study on Strengthening the Services Sector in Uganda. · 

10. Support to the Uganda High Level Task Force for the EAC Common Market Protocol Negotiations.· 

11. Baseline Survey on Free Movement of Capital in Uganda


1. Regulatory Audit of the Seven Services Sectors Liberalized by Uganda Under COMESA.· 

2. Consultancy services for Development of Simplified Cross Border Trade Regulations between Uganda and DRC.· 

3. Study to Inform the Second Phase of the COMESA Trade in Services Liberalisation Negotiations.


1. Impact of Second Hand Clothes and Shoes in EAC.· 

2. Development of an EAC Framework to Guide EAC Partner States’ Engagement with Third Parties in Investment Negotiations· 

3. Consulting on the Formation of the Common Trade Policy for the EAC.· 

4. Assessment of the Implementation of the EAC Customs Union and EAC Common Market.· 

5. Consultancy Services for a Comprehensive Study on Common External Tariff (CET) Rates on Sensitive items.


1. Regulatory Assessment of Select Services in Uganda to Support the AfCFTA Trade in Services Negotiations on Schedules of Specific Commitments. 

2. Assessing Intra- Regional Economic Communities Free Movement of Persons and Goods. 


1. Strengthening of Economic and Trade Policy Capacities and Competences in SADC – Trade in Services. Analysing SADC Member States’ Regulations Relevant for Movement of Natural Persons for the Purpose of Supplying Services.


1. Operationalizing the LDC Services Waiver in Uganda